Jodi's Podcasts: Easter in Hell(nar)

Not strictly Magnus-related, or LazyTown-related really, but Jodi has asked whether I could put a link here to his latest podcast.

"I just published a podcast about my Easter break in 2004 with fellow LazyTown puppeteers Julie and Sarah. Although not specifically about LazyTown, I thought some of the fans might be interested and wondered if you would spread the word. Stingy hates sharing, of course, but in this case he might make an exception."

Here's the link:

Ownership Poll Results!

Hi all. Very sorry for the delay in updates. The last few weeks have been packed, what with concerts and tests being the end of term.

Anyway, to reveal the poll results:
gwendolyn1983: 5
lazygothdocwho: 9

Hopefully things will pick up again. I'll be revising all of Easter, then I have my final modules, and then a few weeks of exams. Hopefully by then there'll be more news about LTE.